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Deidre & Dalia's Final Project

Philadelphia Science Standards:  Generate questions about objects, organisms, and/or events that can be answered through scientific investigation.


1. fast plants  2. artifical light (plant lamps)  3. Window area with a lot of natural sunlight 

4. tap water   5. fresh spring water  6. soil 



Students will be introduced to structured inquiry so that the teacher may lead students into guided inquiry. Students will also be able to use  scientific method as a guide for inquiry.



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First Blog Assignment

Hi! My name is Dalia Gorham, I teach 3rd grade at Samuel B. Huey School.  Huey is located in West Philadelphia and is part of the School District of Philadelphia. I have been teaching for 9 years. It is my hope that all of my students become independent thinkers and be successful in all that they do. The most pressing issues/obsticles in my classroom is the wide range of abilities.


...You Are Not Alone

...Man in the Mirror


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Dalia's and Deidre's Empathy Unit

Empathy Where Has It Gone 
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This is where my proposal will go:)

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HI! My name is Dalia Gorham, I teach 3rd grade at S.B. Huey School in West Philadelphia.  I have just completed my 7th year with the School District of Philadelphia and my first year as Lead Teacher.  I am a proud parent of a wonderful 7 year old girl.  Being a parent of a student in the Philadelphia School District only serves as more motivation to enhance educational practices in our schools.  I have a strong sense of loyalty and dedication to my students and school community.

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