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Topic: Good Drugs Verses Bad Drugs: The Affects Drugs Have On The Brain

Introduction: Kids today are exposed to critical choices at younger, more vulnerable ages; what was typical for high school students 10-20 years ago is more typical for junior high school students today. Living and growing up, even in the 1960's and '70's was simpler, safer, and less stressful. Today, drugs are dangerously stronger, easier to use, less expensive, and more accessible to the very young. Sexually transmitted disease can be fatal. Assault with weapons is common. Gang activity has spread to the suburbs, and the solution to violence is not within reach. A powerful media directs kids' values through radio, CD's, movies, TV, newspapers, books, magazines...even your home computer and telephone. Multi-cultural communities, family financial problems, and increasing amounts of information to be learned add to the stresses of children's lives. Parenting is tough today. A significant number of families have two working parents or a single parent in the home. Grandparents and relatives are usually far away. Parents are tired and have less time, contact, and influence over children than they have had in decades. Kids have less opportunity to learn values, problem-solving skills, and healthy ways to relieve stress from their lives. Neighbors and neighborhoods are less interactive and more isolated. With far less guidance from positive adult role models, children are making critical and life-changing decisions that can effect them for the rest of their lives. Source: Answers From Tough Questions

Brain After The Intake of Drugs

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