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Break-out Group Discussion

Yellow Group:


  • Create a package (of information)
  • Clarify what is common in network
  • 'Market' at career fairs, try to collectively compete with TFA
  • Encourage faculty to present teaching as option, plant idea early
  • Video? market teaching when students choose major
  • Hire undergrads as teaching assistants
  • Make connections with science + math faculty

Sharing best practices for preparation+ induction:

  • Where do we get resources?
  • Website (?) for sharing ideas
  • i.e. invite recent grads back to talk to undergrads
  •      look at CIRTL (Center for Integr. of Research Teaching and Learning)
  •      get list of grad websites resources
  •      how to choose/ support master/ clinical teachers

Preparing/ opportunities for teacher leadership:

  • Invite new teachers to get together to share
  • Building capacity for master teachers

Share resources:

  • Summer program for contact specific pedagogy


Blue Group:


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