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Freire Response

"Those truly committed to liberation must reject the banking concept in its entirety, adopting instead a concept of women and men as conscious beings, and consciousness as consciousness intent upon the world." 

I feel this quote holds true to the idea of eradicating the banking system. I feel that the banking system is only a positive thing for certain subjects and certain learning methods- ONLY if this is followed by students using their critical thinking skills to ensure their full understanding of the material taught. Not so much for younger students, but for older students I think it's really important that teachers don't always see themselves as the authoritative figure who "knows it all". Classes are much more successful, efficient, and worthwhile when the teachers see the students as equals, when they understand that though students may be younger they still have thoughts and ideas that are relevant and intelligent.

"The teacher is no longer merely the-one-who-teaches, but one who is himself taught in dialogue with the students, who in turn while being taught also teach. They become jointly responsiblle for a process in which all grow."

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Preschool, Expectations & Consequences


-All assistant teachers arrived on time.*

-Teacher was very exact about how class should be handled.*

-Not allowed to scold, punish, or correct in stern voice? Interesting...*

-Students begin to enter classroom with their parents. All students seem pretty happy until they see our new faces. Some students are more welcoming than others. Many stay away..

-As we begin the activity, students get more comfortable with new teachers. Some smiles!

-Circle Time is very hectic. Not much order, students jumping out of their seats, a lot of calling out, hard to make much progress. Are students learning much?*

-Snack time WAY more orderly than circle time- maybe students were hungry? 

Observations and Notes

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