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My Astronaut Report

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My Uncle Al once offered to help me with a research report I had to do on the last crew of astronauts. I knew this would end up amounting to a whole lot of work for me. So, I told my uncle that it was already done and I had submitted it. He asked what things did I write about? Oh, I just wrote about their training, preparing their meals, studying about space.......that kind of stuff. He seemed to buy it, but then he asked me more about the meals. "What was their last meal before the liftoff?" Obviously, I didn't know. But, could he know? Probably not, I figured. I just thought about what I would have liked to have eaten. "They had beans, hot dogs, chocolate cake and coffee", I replied. (I figured including the coffee was a nice touch) He immediately knew something was wrong with my story. Do you?


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