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Breadcrumb Trail: Director's Cut with Commentary

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Stop 1: Philadelphia Inquirer article about two new NBC and ABC shows that take place in the city (Super Fun Night and the Ironside remake).

Stop 2: Which TV shows have been set in Philly?,_Pennsylvania 
Ahh, Wikipedia. Always ready with a list I didn't know existed.

Stop 3: 
Well, I probably didn't need the Wikipedia list to get this one.....

Stop 4: Hey! Rob McElhenney and Sweet Dee really opened a bar in Philly to be like Paddy's Pub! Let's google it!

Stop 5: I'm going to look at their reviews on Yelp. It's probably just a gimmick-y place where die-hard fans go to spend too much money.... 

Stop 6: It's in the Old City? Have I been there yet? I wonder what they do there.

Stop 7: Look, it's one to the top twelve ArtPlaces! Twelve is my lucky number, and far too weirdly specific a number for this to be a coincidence. I should see what it being an "ArtPlace" means.

Stop 8:

"That stirring was cemented by the
inauguration of First Friday, a program
widely credited with providing much-
needed life to a long-unrealized
promise."-From above link

First Friday? What's a First Friday?

Stop 9: No I'm stopping here I want to go to First Friday.

My proposal is that I, and anyone willing, will take the Septa Train to Market East in Philly at around 4 or 5 pm on Friday in order to wander around the gallery open houses of First Friday. The galleries are open from 5-9, which means we'll be seeing the city at a different time from many of the other proposed activities. It's also continuing the theme of art in the city from the past few trips, giving us a better look at art in Philadelphia. Plus, apparently there's free food as well. It'll certainly be an experience!

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