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Curriculum Development Proposal

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Purpose: For students to embrace their unique learning style. To establish their style and use it to reach their full potential across the curriculum.


Objective: Students will use their preferred learning style in all subjects with the help of aides by the teacher to create a differentiated learning environment.


Materials needed:

LCD Projector (549.99)

Computers with internet acess

White Boards with markers (50)

Cluster tables

Tape recorders with headsets (159)


television with dvd (99)

area rug


science materials

journals (10)




Students will take their multiple intelligence test and anaylyze their data to find out their preferred learning style. Lessons will be geared using the learning styles of the students. When students finish each lesson they will take 5 minutes to reflect upon the lesson and decide if they interpret their learning style correctly. This will be done in a collaborative journal or a teacher created blog. Since Im in a special education classroom I would try mybest to group similar intellegences together. Students will be iven the opportunity to compare their stories with their peers.


End Result:


I am hoping to find that teaching to the multiple intelligences that my students will have a higher sucess rate because the instruction was geared to their unique needs using technology.