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Trenton, NJ High School will be rebuilt but does not necessarily repairs

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I remember Professor Cohen mentioning at some point how we will be looking into New Jersey and its education system which made me think about the cohort of students I had worked with two summers ago and their high school experience at Trenton Central High School. TCHS is one of the largest high schools located in the state's capital which could be assumed to be well kept and be able to meet students' needs since it is so close to the state's Education Department Building and other resources that are known to provide for the rest of the state. However, as you will see in the couple of articles listed below, this has never been the case for Trenton's Public School System. TCHS has been in need of resources and building reparations for years which until last year the students attending the school had finally gotten fed up with the school's conditions and demanded for there to be change. As you continue to read through these articles you will come across poor conditions students have had to face while still trying to receive an education and though they will face some accomplishments such as, receiving state aid to rebuild their school, new challenges have arisen.

After the several readings we have read and discussions we had in class, I thought it would be interesting to highlight Trenton's situation because all though it has just been one high school that has been shut down, it has deeply affected faculty, staff and students in ways that may/may not be similar to those affected within the Philadelphia Public School District.