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NPR Storycorps clip

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Hi everyone! This week's Duncan-Andrade article reminded me of this Storycorps interview I heard on NPR a few months ago, so just thought I would post it.  Specifically it felt connected to comparisons of student-teacher relationships to child-parent relationships.  It's super brief, and definitely worth a listen.


Letter Grades for Schools

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Hi everyone!

I came across an article about states issuing letter grades (from A-F) to schools.  This particular article, called "When a School Gets a Bad Report Card" by Reema Khrais, focuses on North Carolina's recent decision to try out this system.  What do you all think?

Trenton, NJ High School will be rebuilt but does not necessarily repairs

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I remember Professor Cohen mentioning at some point how we will be looking into New Jersey and its education system which made me think about the cohort of students I had worked with two summers ago and their high school experience at Trenton Central High School. TCHS is one of the largest high schools located in the state's capital which could be assumed to be well kept and be able to meet students' needs since it is so close to the state's Education Department Building and other resources that are known to provide for the rest of the state. However, as you will see in the couple of articles listed below, this has never been the case for Trenton's Public School System.

Huffington Post on School District's attempt to Close Achievement Gap Method

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Hey Everyone,

After reading Noguera's piece last night, I actually stumbled upon this article that relates to what he covered in his article. Below you will find the link to a recent article the Huffington Post had written concerning the San Francisco Unified School District's method to close the achievement gap at their schools by recruiting more Black Teachers. I think this article would be a potentially great article to discuss after the readings we will be discussing on Thursday also given the fact that it is a situation currently happening. Feel free to share thoughts!