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More Money More Problems?

More Money More Problems?

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Graham's article reinforcing the idea that money is not enough for schools to provide a good education or appropiate resources to its students is important to keep in mind. In order to provide the space needed to cater the turnaround of Philly School's, we also need to provide well qualified teachers and educators. We need to provide all necessary tools for these schools to thrive as well as the education of our students. Without the appropiate support and unlimited access to resources, all the money invested in new schools will go to waste. It's important to avoid empty schools so that all the money doesn't go to waste as well as catering these new schools to the interest of the students belonging to the communities. As Davey and Bosman articulate, Overton was half full because they were comepeting with other nearby charter schools. We need to put all forces and power to building a school that not only serves as a space for students to learn, but to thrive in and feel welcomed and supported. As educators, we must realize and reiterate that as we extend and reach out to students, we're also engaging and reaching out to the communities that they belong to. The more we are able to spread, the bigger the impact and the importance of education is not only reiterated, but enforced and supported. 

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