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Kirp's Golden Rule Test

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"Based on these initial impressions, Union City readily passed my 'Golden Rule' test - I'd be happy if my own child went to school there." (10)

This quote made me think about how useful such a rule would be when thinking about the "miseducation" of poor and minority youth (5). Given the achievement gaps in education, and the fact that dropping out of school costs taxpayers money in the long run, thinking about what one would want for their own child is incredibly important. For this reason, I appreciate the fact that Kirp presented his impressions of Union City in this way. Every person wants the best for his/her/their child, and is going to choose schools based upon that. So, keeping this in mind ("what would I want for my child?") regarding the situations of kids who are not in great financial/other situations at home strikes me as vital. Certainly, the 'Golden Rule' would help in other aspects of life as well. In addition, it baffles me that although the "we-versus-they" mentality actually hurts taxpayer wallets (reminds me of how costs of low-wage employment goes to taxpayers through payment for welfare, food stamps, and Medicaid), it continues to exist.