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Field Project Proposal

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For my field vignette, I wrote about a conversation I had with my field placement teacher about a “yes, and” approach for talking about charter schools. The “yes, and” approach challenges “either, or” binaries, and opens us up to the possibility of resolving two seemingly opposing situations, like public “versus” private schools. I’d like my final field paper to consider the question, how is this approach reflected, or not, in the curriculum and pedagogy enacted in my field placement classroom? I’ll be thinking about certain “spectrums” of curriculum and pedagogy that apply to this classroom, such as skill building vs. critical thinking, learning about ancient civilizations vs. learning about current events, independent work vs. group work, and direct instruction vs. inquiry based learning, exploring what “yes, and” approaches would look like for each of these, how they might fit into a culturally-relevant teaching model, and what their place might be in urban education.


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I like this focus - it's both conceptually rich and grounded in the emic (insider) language and perspective of your field site.  I'd suggest you interview/talk with your site teacher again about 'yes and,' now focusing in on her thinking about her pedagogy and (if possible) what she sees actually happening in the classroom - and perhaps how she's reflecting on changes in her pedagogy in response to all that.  Might it also work to find a way to elicit some student perspectives on this question?