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field paper focus

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I would like to focus on classroom instruction in my placement, and learn more about how much direct and/or interactive instruction takes place in my placement classroom when I’m not there, and if this amount and type of instruction is beneficial to the students. I have not seen much instruction in my placement when I visit on Fridays, which isn’t a bad thing because it is important to have time in the classroom to review and do independent work, and to have a space to ask questions about the material. Still, I would like to learn if there is more instruction that goes on on other days of the week, and to investigate how this instruction specifically helps the students at the school and in the classroom that I’m placed in.



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amanda sarah,

How are you planning to find out what happens when you're not there - is this something you'll talk with your classroom teacher about?  Also, note that for this field paper the idea is to pose a question that you'll be able to address to a significant degree via what you've been experiencing for these 10 or so weeks at the placement.  Is there a way you might reframe this question to include what you have witnessed and experienced, as well as to stretch for some new knowledge?