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Field Notes #3

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Lilly Chase


Field Notes #3

  • Today the students went to music class. Unlike last music class, this time they had recorders!
    • The students learn how to read music notes and how to play the notes on a recorder.
    • The teacher met their energy level which I thought was really great. I do the same because it seems to be very effective.
  • The boys and girls seem to have separated themselves. The girls are sitting on the right sort of in a vertical line; the boys are spread out on the right taking the majority of the room.
    • The boys outnumber the girls by over half. Approximately 5 girls and 15 boys
  • A few of the boys were being rowdy so I decided to sit next to them to try to get them to listen to the teacher. Usually sitting next to kids works.
    • Once I sat down Marcus (one of the students that kept moving around and talking. I’m pretty sure he has untreated ADHD. I will ask Ms. G what she thinks about that later on) decided to sit right next to me. Eventually other students followed and we were all sitting in a vertical line where I was in the middle.
      • I felt like I was distracting them but they still listened to their music teacher. After a few minutes I got up and went and checked on the girl’s side.
    • The teacher taught the students how to play two songs while constantly reminding them to blow softly and gently—if they did not the recorder would screech.
    • After music Ms. G brought them to the bathroom—they are not allowed to go to the bathroom any other time.
      • While in line for the bathroom each student silently reads.
  • The students had an assembly next. I expected them to go to an auditorium but they went to the library. I don’t think the school has an auditorium considering how small the school is.
    • The Red Cross was giving them a lecture about emergency situations specifically snow/weather emergencies.
    • All of the third graders were at the assembly. There are only two third grade classes. Approximately 45 students.
  • The Red Cross representative, Emily, engaged the students and set up the presentation well. She introduced herself, the topic, and grasped the attention of the students letting them know if they listen to the presentation and take a quiz at the end they get a present!
    • She asked the kids various questions and they answered them with personal experience. The students were excited and having fun.
      • Eventually they started getting very rowdy and Emily needed to raise her voice to talk over them. By the end she almost lost her voice.
        • I have noticed in my past placements and in my experience in working at a high school over summer that classrooms are either too loud or too quiet. Is there a way to engage the students—specifically in elementary school—where the kiddos won’t get too excited over time and get out of control with their volume control? I am all for the students having fun but I felt pretty bad when Emily started losing her voice.
  • The students had an activity after being lectured.
    • Emily had a posted with Velcro with a little cartoon boy on it in his boxers and tank top. She asked students what the boy would wear to prevent frost bite, keep his head warm, and other various questions. She then called on students to come up and choose cut out clothes to stick onto the poster boy. The kids all helped the student that was chosen. It went really well and everyone was excited, engaging, and most importantly learning about safety!
  • At the end of the assembly, the students took a small anonymous quiz about what they learned and were given cute pillow cases decorated with Disney cartoons. They were also given two markers so they could decorate them themselves.
    • The pillow case is supposed to go home and be given to their parents so they can make their own emergency kit. It was really cute and I hope they actually do so.

Considering I am from California, I thought this assembly was extremely informative and fun. I really like how Oakley Elementary School* had connections with outside organizations like the Red Cross. I think it is super important for schools to educate students (especially the little kiddos) about important life skills.