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Field Notes #2

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Field Notes #2

  • After being away for so long due to spring break and a snow day, I was afraid the students forgot who I was. I also came on a Tuesday instead of a Friday. I wonder if the class is going to be different
  • I walked into the classroom and the students greeted me with smiles saying hi Ms. Lilly. One student called me Ms. Lilly pad.
  • When I first entered, the students were working on an article about a new assignment (explaining how to draw the American flag)
    • Sonya,* the student Ms. G explained to me (on my first day) that craves a lot of attention and just wants someone next to them at all times, (she actually was the first student to hug me on my first day, it was super cute!)  asked me if she spelled “America” correctly. She had not spelled it correctly but I helped her with it.
    • After they finished their writing and drawing assignment, they started working out of their workbook—working on proper nouns.
    • Ms. G asked the students for the answers after a few minutes of working on the assignment (which I walked around and helped when they needed it)
      • The students were super excited and eager to answer (especially Sonya). More than half of the students raised their hands a few jumped out of their seats and made “ooo ooo ooo call on me” noises.
      • Ms. G called on the students that raised their hands and even those that did not. Some students blurted out the answers, which made a few students sad because they REALLY wanted to answer the question. Ms. G quickly told the students calling out was not right and they really need to raise their hands.
      • Some students raised their hands when they had no idea what the question nor answers were. Often the students were picked to answer in which they said “uhhhhhhhh” and tried to answer but Ms. G would skip them quickly which made them sad (I noticed this more with Sonya and Marcus* (one student that has a hard time sitting down. He’s usually amongst the students that jump out of their seats promptly after Ms. G asks a question).
      • After pronouns, the students worked on vocabulary (the words were out of a story they were going to read shortly after).
      • Ms. G introduced the short story—which revolved around Antarctica. She then asked the students questions to see what they knew about the location and what she had taught them. They were all open-ended questions. She also used her globe to show the students where Antarctica is located and explained the equator and seasons.
        • One student asked: how Antarctica does not fall over the “edge” because it was completely on the bottom of Earth!
          • This was so cute! Ms. G. immediately looked over to me and smiled. She then asked the classroom if anyone knew how to answer his question. One student raised his hand and said the continent did not fall because of “gravity, duh!” Ms. G then explained to the whole class what gravity was. As well as praising the student that answered correctly.  
  • Ms. G then asked the classroom if Earth had edges. The students answered no and Ms. G explained how Earth rotates and is round therefore it does not have edges.

Today was a very good day. I specifically enjoyed Antarctica falling off the world question. Third graders are so cute.