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Closing schools

Closing schools

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I am intruiged with how Chicago's mayor was being repremanded by many people for shutting down schools but not being commended for the work that he had accomplishedin raising graduation rates and having the displaced students placed into higher ranking schools. Granted Mr. Emmanuel's effort did not exactly have some fantastical solution but he did appear to take a step toward a better direction. 

Having had closed these schools was directly disappointing for parents, students, and neighborhoods because of the shock of change. It is also unfortunate knowing that although a majority of these students were placed into higher ranking schools they were only "marginally better." This should be a major concern because a focus should be on trying to make these schools reach a higher standard of performance before deciding to terminate schools that are barely underperforming larger schools. 

Now this also begins to touch on the concept of success and what exactly defines success whether it be test scores, learning potential, etc. Perhaps this too is something that should be reviewed in order to create a stronger district. 

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