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Bondy et. al. - Effects of racial, cultural, socioeconomic backgrounds of teachers

Bondy et. al. - Effects of racial, cultural, socioeconomic backgrounds of teachers

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I thought it was interesting that Bondy et. al. observed and interviewed teachers of different racial backgrounds to "explore potential cultural differences in their use of strategies" (332). I would like to know more about how each teacher's culture affected the effectiveness of their teaching styles, and differences in classroom response. I agree with the fact that first and foremost, it is important for a teacher to express genuine care, and to not be demeaning or condescending towards his/her/their students. However, what role do cultural differences between teachers and students play? Is it enough for teachers to care, and understand where kids come from? How much does it help for teachers to be from similar racial, cultural, and socioeconomic backgrounds? How much does it hurt for this to not be the case? The Dance article also brought these questions to mind, with Ms. Bronzic being a white Jewish teacher. I don't think that only teachers of similar/same racial, cultural, and socioeconomic backgrounds should teach in schools with many low-income African American students. However, I am wondering what, for students, the effects of having teachers with both similar and different cultural backgrounds are, and vice versa. On a somewhat related note, I am also wondering which of the communication tactics (terms of endearment and humor, familiar words and expressions, use of popular culture, call-and-response interaction pattern, straightforward directives), or which combinations, were most efficient in the classroom.

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