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What's Your Learning Style?


Students learning styles and modalities vary to a great extent. A teaching strategy that works for one student, will spell failure for yet another. Because of this wide range of individual differences among students, teachers must develop an arsenal that includes a broad range of instructional strategies that adequately address how students’ best learn. The development of this arsenal begs some of the following questions:

1. Is Robin an auditory learner?

2. Is Maria a visual learner?

3. Does Carl learn best kinesthetically?

Researchers such as Howard Gardner recommend that teachers create a healthy and diverse atmosphere for learning in their classrooms by addressing learning styles and multiple intelligences. Educators will need to shift their instructional emphasis from presentation to demonstration and active learning. Gardner and his multiple intelligences theory conclude that no strategy will be successful for all students. Teachers will need to employ multiple strategies and use them at different times, with a variety of learners. The passive learner is a thing of the past. The goal should always be to have active and engaged learners who take responsibility for their learning.

What Are Multiple Intelligences?

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