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For the inquiry project, I'd love to look at sexual education across different cultures and countries. I would look at sexual education in the USA and then maybe Japan, France, China, Brazil, and Tunisia.   This would culminate with a creation of a curriculim for sexual education that will hopefully bridge the different cultural embodiments of sexual education from these countries 


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David White,

This is a great topic to pursue, but you're taking on too much - how can you narrow this topic so that you can delve more deeply into what you're learning?  Several thoughts:  You could choose an age group to focus on, and also select fewer countries...and you might also choose an area within sex ed to focus on.  Perhaps a way to start is to see what you can find by way of an overview - that is, who has looked at this question cross-culturally and what are they finding?  This might give you a sense of direction within this large purview...