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Ideas for How to Use This Space

Hi! Doing things independently can be lonely. We don't necessarily have departments or senior seminars backing us up or giving us support and feedback.

With this group, we're working to build that support and feedback for one another. 


Helpful Info About Using Serendip:

*Instructions for Posting 

*Tag your posts! There are a variety of fixed tags available for you to use for posting, however, if there is a tag you would like us to add, email (or use serendip's new chat function!) to let us know if there is a specific tag you would like us to add. 


Ideas for Getting Started and Posting: 

*We'd love for you to introduce yourself! Maybe tell us about your project/major and how did you come to it? How has it evolved? (for example, check out this post, or this one!)

As we mentioned on the group page, we'd love for this to be a space of reflecting, sharing, ranting, connecting, and more.