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R #12

R #12

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  • I like bridgetmartha's idea of presenting maybe one or two portraits (partially because I missed all of this last week that Riva was here and thus am really behind on said portraits).
  • I think the writing something alongside them could be alright, but I don't know how this would be presented? Do you just mean a blurb/caption/plaque like you might see at a museum?
  • I don't think it would be impossible to adjust but model some of Monsoon and Benaifer's concepts. I think, acknowledging that it's going to be complex, that we could focus our stories around our 360 experiences while sitting in sort of in a cresent (while people watched). I think if we show how we self-moderate in the classroom, including some people raising hands and others not, we could do it. If it's messy, all the better honestly...? Basically we'd be telling people about our experiences, good and bad, in the 360 but in a story-telling format. I think S.T. in the provost's office could also use the event as a promo for 360s, even.
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