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comments on 12

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I would really like to be able to show the portraits we've been working on in some sort of gallery. Not necessarily all of them, but whatever ones (if any) we as individuals are comfortable with sharing (since, given the personal nature of the explorations of these pieces, it seems dishonest to be forced to show something we don't think represents us or aren't happy with). I feel like we'd need something to accompany these portraits, especially for our Camphill ones. Maybe if we wrote something to accompany them? I also want a way to share what we learned with Monsoon and Benaifer, but I dislike the idea of trying to have listening conversations at anything that we put together since I think it'd be very difficult to convey all that we learned to someone who wasn't there and, moreover, to have a listening conversation between someone from the 360 and someone not since we'd be in two different spaces. That being said, I think it's really important that we find some way to share their method with a larger body since it is so valuable. I also like khinchey's suggestion of having a conversation on intersectionality with the larger campus community--we've learned a lot in our class and I think it'd be great to share that; moreover, we've acknowledged multiple times the limitations present in our discussions simply because of the size of our group, so I think it's especially important not to close off this discussion until we've made space for other voices.

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  • I like bridgetmartha's idea of presenting maybe one or two portraits (partially because I missed all of this last week that Riva was here and thus am really behind on said portraits).
  • I think the writing something alongside them could be alright, but I don't know how this would be presented?