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Host Sister

Host Sister

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My story supports relates to R_Massey's. Sometimes, it is difficult to completely know someone. I thought I knew a person before meeting her, but all my thoughts about her after our first few awkward interactions had disappeared. In eleventh grade, my school had a language immersion program where I got to live with a host family in Spain for ten days. I had emailed my "host sister" a few times before we met and she seemed to like the same things as me. But when I got to Spain, it turned out that she and I had nothing in common. In fact, when she had told me that she didn't speak much English, I thought that she wanted me to help her learn. Instead, she told me that she really didn't want to change and that I should try to speak only in Spanish so that she could understand everything I was saying. Later, she told me that I was too academic and that I shouldn't care about school so much. I even met her "friend" who she thought was "way too occupied in academics to have any fun." The friend and I connected a lot more than my "host sister" and me. By the end of the ten days, I had made a new friend, but not with the one who I had originally thought.

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Meghna, I had a pretty similar experience, although I didn't go to Spain, haha. It was actually at the in-focus event in April here at Bryn Mawr, where we stayed with customs people overnight, yeah? I was so excited, and I was so sure that I would be friends with everybody at this college. Maybe the person I was staying with would become one of my best friends when I attended school later in the year! However, sitting with her in the Rock common room—her talking about her interests and me talking about mine—I realized that our personalities and interests didn't mesh at all.