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Strangers All the Same

Strangers All the Same

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Unlike jccohen's story, mine is not of an interaction with someone I never met and thought I knew but someone I had truley known and became estranged. For a time, I didn't think I could know anyone better. There was not a moment that I thought differetly or questioned how I felt. I thought it was a two way street with cars going both directions. We were perfectly fine and happy. Then there was a short period where we were apart. Hours became days and days became weeks. We were apart, but I still thought together in a different way. I had not realized how far we drifted, how much distance could take away. Upon returning, we shared a moment. It was a quiet moment, no words were exchaged. As we sat, side by side, I realized the centimeters between us were actually miles. This silent interaction spoke a million words. It was over. This person, now a stranger, said goodbye without saying a word. 

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My story supports relates to R_Massey's. Sometimes, it is difficult to completely know someone. I thought I knew a person before meeting her, but all my thoughts about her after our first few awkward interactions had disappeared. In eleventh grade, my school had a language immersion program where I got to live with a host family in Spain for ten days. I had emailed my "host sister" a few times before we met and she seemed to like the same things as me. But when I got to Spain, it turned out that she and I had nothing in common.