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False Excitment

False Excitment

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So My story is creepily similar.

I have the same habit of anywhere I go publicly to look for people I know even though the odds of there being people there are very slim. I was actually at a event in chicago called leaky con and was looking for Hank Green specifically because I had already met John Green multiple times and still wanted to meet Hank. I like Rokojo, have also been following the Vlogbrothers since I was about 13 years old. At this event I kept my eye out for first anyone I could have known but also for Hank Green. I get really excited seeing someone I know out in public. But sometimes it also ruins the event or environment itself. Especially in the case when you know that person but they really don't know anything about you. Rokojo's story and my experience with Hank reminded me of a time when I was a little girl at a picinic for hte indian phamacist association. I kept my eyes peeled to see anyone I knew. There was a taller indan man whereing a shirt I knew for a fact my dad owned. I ran toward him and hugged him so tight and screamed DADDY. And of course it was not my dad. It was literaly a random indian person at the picinic. There were multiple stages to the reaction I had. First the disappointment that It was not my father, the deep embaressment for thinking he was my father, then the anxiousness I felt after what I had just done and the fear I was a fool.

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