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Every time I go to the airport, especially the one in my hometown, I keep my eyes open for anyone I might know, always eager to randomly bump into someone I know and make that thrilling unplanned connection. Once, in the chicago airport, I saw someone I knew, although they didn't know me. I saw them hurry off their flight and walk briskly down the airport hallway. It took me a second to recall where I recognized their face from, but then it dawned on me that this was Hank Green. He's the brother of the author John Green, they both make videos on youtube, which is why I recognized him. He's known for his work with educational videos and various other projects, and I had watched his videos since I was in middle school. He was, in a sense, the closest thing to a celebrity I had ever come into contact with. My heart quickened as I pointed him out to my sister. Without thinking, I rose from my seat. I walked quickly after him, my pulse rising with each step. This man has made hundreds of videos, I had watched him talk about his life and his projects and his achievements weekly for years. I felt almost as though I knew him as well as a close friend. He was obviously in a hurry, I learned later he was on his way to a charity youtube event, so I had to move quickly to keep up with him. After a handful of steps, I began to think about what I was doing. Although I know so much about this person, he knew nothing about me. He was around 15 years older than me and I was actively chasing him aroung the airport. I began to slow my pace. He continued on, unaware. I stood there in silence as people walked past me, and I watched him walk off until he became swallowed by the crowd.

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So My story is creepily similar.