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Work in Progress

Work in Progress

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I agree with marian.bechtel and Purple Finch that there was a lot to read and absorb in this chapter. The point of this chapter is pretty much what we have been talking about in class on the interconnectedness of beings and our relationships with each other in our environment. I felt irritated while reading this chapter for some reason. I read about one thing, yet I'm living in another text. I felt annoyed because there is so much chaos (e.g. genocides, stereotype threats, murders, etc.) in the world today and this chaos will probably continue to exist unless we can get everyone to think ecologically and that our actions affect everything around us. Humans have the power and advantage over other species to shape the world into any form, yet instead of collaborating together to make the world a better place, we formed hierarchies for ourselves and for other species in the environment. 

The whole idea is very abstract. I don't think all species will understand and relate to each other at the level of the mind, but all species are capable of forming relationships. Understanding one's relationship to another is important in building a collaborative environment. It seems like humans are capable of comprehending the concept of the importance in building relationships with each other and other species. I'm sure other species also know the importance as well. We see it every day in the handful amounts of symbiosis relationships in the natural world. We're all similar, we all work the same way, we all want to survive, we all need care and tenderness, so why is there still a giant gap in our ecosystem?