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White Labryinth

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For the longest time, I wasn't even aware that Bryn Mawr had a labryinth. I went to look at it around second semester of freshman year with my friends, but the sign oat at the beginning of the labyrinth described the labryinth as a place to meditate and reflect (although I couldn't find the sign when I went back this time). So, at the time I didn't feel comfortable walking through it just for the sake of it. Today, I decided to take the opportunity to explore and reflect, only the ground was covered in atleast 3 inches snow and it was surrounded by flags (possibly meaning that I wasn't supposed to go in? but I did anyways). The labryinth itself is surrounded by multiple trees, a corner of Rhodes South and Canday Library. It also overlooks both of the outdoor athletic fields. In addition, right next to outer path of the labyrinth is a satellite dish that has to be atleast 3 meters in diameter. Before I even began walking, I was confused at how one could even begin to relax and meditate in such a space. Why is this space so close to a library? And Canday, the worst of them all. Why are rooms facing the labyrinth? Could someone be watching me at this very moment? I felt very naked and vulnerable, but I began to walk through the labryinth anyway. It only took me about 2 minutes before I realized I didn't know where I was going or how to get to the center without cheating. I tried turning around and starting from the beginning only to end up at a dead-end that wasn't the center. I tried starting at the outermost path, still to only end up at the end. It was hard for me not to look at this labyrinth as a game or a challenge. Maybe, I was too focused on winning by getting to the center and back out. Maybe, the environment surround me just wasn't right. Either way, I just felt stressed and eventually gave up trying.

I'm not really sure about how I feel about the presence of labryinth. It's interesting and the idea seems nice, but there's something that I'm not understanding about it. Why is it here? Why this location? Who made this? Why does no one talk about this place? I attempted to do some research on this labryinth, but I couldn't seem to find any concrete history about it. But I realize that might just be the beauty of it. It's just not meant to really be understood. Maybe, I should just take it for what it is. A mysterious labyrinth.



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The metal plaque is still there at the opening of the labrynth, if that's the one you were referring to, and the flags were put up a few months back when a group of us planted bulbs along the edges of the maze (so that they can sprout in the spring). It's perfectly fine to be in there so long as you aren't tromping around disrespectfully (which you certainly werent).

I'd be happy to lead you around the labrynth once the snow melts, just so you can see the pattern that a walker is intended to follow, but if you'd like to leave it a mystery then that's perfectly okay too. I find it interesting to hear about someone becoming so frustrated in a space that's so tranquil for me, and I hope that you can find something positive within it someday.

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Thank you for the link! It honestly makes much more sense now. I am really interested in how she determined where the energy leys and water dome exactly were. Really interesting!