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way up i feel blessed

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Before I get to my chosen tree I see something more exciting. It's two large birds eating and fighting over some floppy creature. I stop for a while. The sunset behind them is bright orange, brighter than I've seen in a while. Their activity doesn't let up, and when I leave they are still there; I hear them making noise for the whole thirty minutes I sit at my site. The snow is stiff and crunchy. Earlier in the day, someone told me that it felt like stale cake. Maybe. 

People have been sledding on the hill, and the smooth paths their sleds left behind have iced over. There are two girls building a snowman on the upper field. They live on my floor. Roomates. They wave and invite me down, but I decline. I'm a little annoyed that they are here. Each week, I look forward to the time I spend sitting alone under the tree. I wish they would play somewhere else. I light a cigarette, which is something that I usually don't do during my site sits. It feels dishonest to the assignment to spend time doing any activity other than sit and experience. I feel guitly right away about breaking a rule I've set for myself.

The ground around my feet is muddy and a lot of the snow has melted away. When I cross my legs, mud drips from my boot. The snow is grey. The air feels warm. There are small birds bopping around. I hear laughter coming from different directions. Maybe it will be spring soon.


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what a composition.

want to understand more...have you walk/talk me through it...