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I had been to the Harriton House Farm twice before, both for the Harriton House Fair that happens every fall. There, with a lot of people milling about, it is easy to forget some of the history of that place. I thought a bit about the slaves that lived on the farm, and how strange it feels to be a black student at a prestigious college walking those grounds. That led me to thinking about Bryn Mawr as a space for people of color. While this year has been full of discussions about that topic, being outside by myself thinking was a nice change of pace.

I had been concerned that I wouldn't focus on nature as I was walking, that I would let my mind wander and miss the point of the exercise. It was, in fact, exactly what happened. But is that wrong? Part of the reason that walking can be theraputic, for me, is that nature is comforting, and can allow you to think through unformulated thoughts. 

When I came home, I was thinking of posting for this class and looking at the syllaship, when I found the post by sara.gladwin about divergent thinking. Sometimes letting your mind wander leads you to greater thoughts and revelations about yourself and your surroundings, and sometimes it doesn't. But maybe that's okay too.