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Thoughts at the Ford.

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It called out to me.

Hey there. You look a little tired. Isn't that backpack a little too heavy. Sit. Relax. Breathe.

How? I don't know. 

It looked like a bench, but it felt more like a sturdy hammock. a sturdy hammock with pillows.

SPRING?? More like ~soft winter~

What is that? Why is it so quiet? Is that the buzz of a generator? Is it the buzz of the street lamp? Do the clouds make sounds as they move across the sky? Is that a car door slamming? Where is the car? Why is it so quiet, still. 

That jacket looks familiar. I know her. Joy. I thought she left. She was back. Bye.

My stomach hurts. What did I eat. Was it those stuffed shells? Am I lactose intolerant? I don't think so. Maybe I just have to pee. 

Who would know if I peed in the bush?


Me and the bush. maybe the bench? the ground? 



I didn't.





I could have.





But I didn't..