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I have always been drawn to the Labyrinth that sits next to the hill in front of Rhoads since my first visit at Bryn Mawr College. I remember how deceiving the journey to the center of the labyrinth looked. I am a very spiritual person. I believe spirituality is the domain of awareness where we are mindful of our experiences, emotions, and time. Spirituality takes us out of the present and brings us into an introspective state of identity where we explore the path behind us, how far we have gone, and where it might lead. Some may think that their lives are like labyrinths while others think that their lives are like mazes. Both have twists and turns, however, a labyrinth only has one path. This path is very symbolic in that it guides us to the next path we might take in the maze or it can lead us backwards. I am drawn to the labyrinth because there is one in me, thus I have chosen it to be my scape for this semester.


I am choosing to foreground a picture of the athletic fields I took over the summer of 2013. I took this picture right after I finished my journey in the labyrinth. I felt like I had a clear sense of where I wanted to go in the next 4 years of my life and that everything I have been through in the past was worth it cause it led me to this view.