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Site Sit Thoughts

Site Sit Thoughts

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What voice do we speak in? Our site sits are in what genre?

In writing all of my site sits, I feel like I'm writing a book report. The voice doesn't sound like me, or even like anything I care about.  I think we emulate the voices we think are appropriate for academic work. That feels pointless to me, to be bored and continue to do an activity that bores you, even for the sake of academics. 

I want to resist the notion, however, that we need to change our site sits in order to be stimulated. I think they would feel more interesting if we were doing interesting things with them. Geocaching was a great idea, it allowed us to be connected to each other, but It'd be so much more interesting to geocache with yourself, create a project that lives at your site sit that you can add to every week, write in the same journal everytime you go, add music to your site sit experience and think about how it fits in. 

But doing those same things, I think, can't make this interesting on its own, I'm going to push myself over the next (last) few weeks to make my posts be more than the assignment, and to really think creatively about postings.