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singularly pointed

singularly pointed

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In looking at my declaration of a space for my site sit, I'm thinking of a few things. First, how exact I made the arrow point to my site sit. If the arrow wasnt enough, I included a circle around it just to be safe. So much of what I have gained from this class has been about stepping back and looking at a whole picture. My site sit, as a space, is important to me because of the surrounding Bryn Mawr. While most of the campus is very cohesive to itself, I find it to be very much separate from nature. My site sit is purposefully placed next to a space I am not welcome in, the nature that does not involve humans. And therefore, to look back at that first post, it feels very apt that it looks like that. To look back and see a progression of thought is not only satisfying, but ecological, in that our development of thinking ecologically has in itself become ecological. 

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