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Revisiting Visualization of Campus

Celeste Ledesma's picture

The visualization that I posted on January 30 was that of the rugby pitch at sundown. Egocentric was one of the words that I previously chose, and I think it’s worth addressing in relation to the image I provided. Honestly, when taking into consideration nature and humanity, in my mind I tend to convert the word egocentric to human-centric. That having been said, I can’t help but acknowledge how very human centric my visualization of the campus actually is. Sure, I chose a secluded place to serve as my scape, but I also have to take into consideration the human-centric elements of this isolated space. When I took the picture, for example, I wanted to capture as much of the space as I could in a single image (trees, the peaceful sky, etc), but I ultimately made sure to foreground the human-made field. I suppose I didn’t immediately realize that in my pursuit of more genuine interactions with nature, I still wanted the protection of human-centricity.