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I first joined Serendip last semester as a part of my Identity Matters 360. At the time, I didn't think I had much to say, so I put a simple posting up, and it wasn't very representative. Over the course of the semester, our cohort explored the importance of representation, of speaking, and of listening. After a few weeks, every time I looked at my avatar, I was taken aback at how impersonal my picture was, how little it represented me at that moment, and how much I wanted it to be different. I began to think about how that silence was indicative of a lack of reflection and of listening to the difference in myself. It is my intention for this class (and for this semester) is to stay present in both on and offline discussions, to listen to others, and to also speak out. 

On the walk, I was thinking about Anne's instruction to not speak. I expected to complete the walk in silence, but was surprised at how loud other sounds were. In this space that I had expected to be lacking in life was full of so much other noise. I remembered a painting I had seen earlier that day, and I decided to make it my thumbnail.  Each of the little homes in the trees has its own story, like each sound in the woods. I'm excited to get started.