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Project for Teach-In


For our teach-in, Celeste and I decided to combine the outside/inside idea she had with photography (that I had wanted to do). We are going to take a series of pictures where outside objects are placed inside, and inside objects are placed outside and then put them up in class for people to reflect on. We are then going to ask them to write a few words/phrases/sentences on what their first thoughts are on seeing the images. Whether it causes them to reflect more on the objects being 'misplaced,' or whether the person in the image's emotions are more influential than the 'misplacing.' 


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NOTE: I am using the comments section on my own collaborative post beause we can't figure out how to edit what has already been posted.

With that, I would also like to add that our portion of the Teach-In should take not longer than 10 minutes (if that). Our goal is not to have every student look upon every photo with attentive eyes, but to pick one or a couple and really think about what their gut-reaction was to what they are looking at. Honestly, we staged the scenes in these photos in a way that is meant to evoke certain reactions depending on the situation, so it will be interesting to see if individuals in the class respond the way we have anticipated they would.