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Project for Teach In

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For my teach-in, I wanted to go back to the idea of geocaching that we had earlier in the year. I think it'd be really cool if we, as a class, could make our own geocache and place it somewhere. I'm thinking  we could make a group collage or art or thing. It could have pictures in it or whatever. Or our thoughts about the class. Something that kind of reflects us as a whole on a single sheet of paper. Along the lines of what Teresa is doing, but only one sheet for the entire group. Then we could put in a special weatherproof box/container that I will bring and walk into Morris Woods and put in a special spot and submit it to be marked as a geocahce. I think it'd be a cool way for our class to be "immortalized" even after it's over. Maybe classes in the future could find the same spot and add on to it!


 update 4/27:

I talked to Teresa earlier today and we decided that a drawing would not only be made for ourselves, but one for the entire group during her teach in which would probably take around 20 min (the activity would only theoretically take 14 minutes, but with explaining and getting started..20ish). Then we could do the walk? Then cache it?


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Maybe we can combine my guided walk idea with this? We bring something for the cache, do the walk, then place it somewhere?

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Sounds like an efficient plan!