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Mermaid in an Ocean

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After some time staring at the blank screen, I realized that when it comes to speaking about myself in writing, I'm hesitant. In person I'm super open and friendly to the extent that friends sometimes have to remind me to sit back and just listen (which I'm quite good at when reminded). I'm a junior this year after taking two semesters off and I'm extremely excited to be working towards my geology major (and an environmental science minor if I can). I have been picking up rocks since I was little and now that I can study those stones and crystals up close, I'm easily excitable on the topic.

In this forum I chose to keep my real name hidden so that I can speak freely without worrying myself about what future pers may think of my wild musings. The name I have chosen to take it's place is one that came to me fairly easily, and can easily be shortened to Aqua. This name has many associations for me so I'll try to explain them briefly in the hopes that you may learn something new about me. I was born on St. Patricks Day, making my birthstone Aquamarine and my zodiac symbol pisces. These are both easily associated with the ocean, which was a major part of my childhood as I grew up in Southern California. I didn't live at the beach, exactly, but I was a regular mermaid who always wanted to feel the sand and waves anytime we were close. I've found over time that the ocean is calming to me no matter what state I arrive in. I could be upset, sad, angry, or just empty inside and yet I will leave the beach feeling dusty and salty and satisfied even if I can only spend a few minutes in the water. I was always taught to respect the ocean and as I've gotten older I have seen that this is because it's a powerful force that can change entire beachscapes overnight. The ocean is beautiful to watch and calm if you dip underneath the water, but it can be a dangerous force that humans will never truly conquer.

The avatar for this account was actually the easiest piece to decide as soon as I knew I wanted my name to relate to my birthstone and the ocean. It is a picture that was taken just after a night spent chattering with friends and trying new nail colors. I realized that these colors matched my new dip dyed hair perfectly and had to capture the moment since I knew the nails would soon chip. It was a moment where all the pieces matched up and it can certainly happen again but it will never be quite the same. That is actually why I believe that writing is so powerful, because just like photos it can capture those little moments when things line up.