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Long Exposures

caleb.eckert's picture

In a spur-of-the-moment semi-foolish desire to risk the cold and be in the woods, Thursday night I ventured to my site. I walked through the place I am becoming better acquainted with, shining my headlamp on animal (rabbit?) tracks to help navigate this new nighttime setting. The dark has a way of disorienting you, pushing you into vulnerable spaces where groping for and trusting in recognizable markers has to be learned again. I took a few long-exposure photos at the site


Uprooted tree (15 seconds)


Stars (and light pollution) (24 seconds)


Wind blowing through the trees (24 seconds)


Animal (rabbit?) tracks illuminated by headlamp (24 seconds)


Leaves and bottle beneath the uprooted tree (1 minute)


Branch and more tracks (mine & others') (30 seconds)


Buildings through the trees (30 seconds)


The site (1 minute)



Anne Dalke's picture

Time has been a keynote of your site visits (last week you mentioned the intersection of your own short time frame with the long time frame of the flora there--and imagined how their "stories" might differ from your own). So I'm especially captured by your shift here from your "spur-of-the moment" desire to be in the woods to your taking some (increasingly) long-exposure photographs...trying for a longer time-frame, for a being-still/being-with that isn't "natural" to a human....?