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Juliet and Juliet

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For my scape, I chose the 'Romeo and Juliet' balcony that is on the backside of Goodhart. At first, the reason my mind went to that was because during the first couple weeks of being at Bryn Mawr, I experienced many (wonderful) memories in that area - meeting new people, having really good conversations, and just sitting by myself, soaking in the fact that I was finally in college. 

After that, as the semester went on, I found myself returning again and again to the same spot. Most of the time I was alone, but sometimes I'd run into people. What I appreciated the most was that even if I ran into someone I knew, they would respect my wish to be left alone (in silence) and wouldn't approach me besides to simply say "Hi."

Returning there in the cold and the snow made me appreciate it even more (I'm really not sure why). I would've thought that having to stand in the cold for half an hour, overlooking snow and more snow would get to be quite painful, but it was stunning. The brightness of the snow counteracted the chill of the wind and the less I paid attention to my comfort, the more I got lost looking at the various bits of nature surrounding me. I compared the view to what it was when I had first been shown the balcony and while there had been a dramatic change, it was just as beautiful and peaceful. The trees no longer had leaves, and the grass was no longer visible, but the trees were still standing, resilient as ever, and the pond hadn't changed at all. 

The other small thing I noticed was a frozen pipe. It was perhaps the most random thing to have noticed but I found that too to be quite pretty.