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History and Art

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Neverending Artwork

When painting a picture, there is a lot of prep work that goes into it. You must find your brushes, paint, and look at the canvas before you. Afterwards, you have to sketch out the picture that you'd like to show, laying the groundwork for the finished product. If you only have blue paint, you can't make a red painting, and you also have to make do with the canvas you have. If it has deep grooves, they will reflect in your artwork unless you go pave over it. Ecological renovation is kinda like that.

When thinking about Jamaica Kincaid's Black Soil, It's evident that you can try to erase the history that a place has, but you can't erase the people or the experiences. Just like on a canvas, everything that you put on it is still there, even if you cover it. 

It is important to know our history in order to better the environment, economically, racially, and considering class. 


This metaphor isn't fully formed, but I'm working on it!