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Of Grey Skies and Shibas

Abby Sarah's picture

Hello! I'm Abby. Sarah is my middle name, and on most social media sites I forgo my last name and keep it to Abby Sarah. It's a left-over relic from junior high school me creating a Facebook account, terrified of putting her last name on the internet. I now know it really won't stop anyone who wants to find my Facebook page from finding it. It just makes them try a little harder. At Bryn Mawr, I am a junior geology major with a minor in English and potentially theater. 

The beach in my image is on a small island just outside of Seattle. I'm from a suburb of Seattle and did not realize how much I loved the rainy Pacific Northwest until I left it. It's place that stays green year round (one might even call it Evergreen), where casual beach attire consists of Tevas and fleece, and where there are no less than ten Starbucks within the downtown area of my little suburb. I took the picture of the beach on the Fourth of July, when my family and I went for a bike ride around the island with our twenty pound Shiba Inu, the princess, in a comical doggie trailer behind us. I suppose we can add hauling your dog around in a trailer to our discussions of what is natural, and what is more than a little ridiculous. 

Then again, I think every ridiculous thought should at least be entertained. Those are the ones that suprise you.