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Flowers in the Snow

Anne Dalke's picture

This is so cheesy I can hardly stand it,'s what happened.

Tuesday morning, I'd gotten up early, seen all the snow, and was sure I'd get to spend the day watching it from the sofa. So I was a little grumbly when I learned that I had to hoof it out to Bryn Mawr. Grumblier when the trains from Center City were running, en route, I wrote up my description of my site sit: "The snow around my site was unbroken, and lovely, full of sparkles. I couldn't bear to break it, to deface it with my I decided to respect the space, and skip my visit this week."

Unfortunately, when I got off the train, trudged my way into campus, and to my site,

I found that there already were footprints defacing the snow... (still grumbly) I trudged on over...

to find a rather magical space underneath my "pendula":

As I slowed down and settled in to look around,

and started to look more closely,

I was absolutely amazed to see

that the snow flakes had taken on the shape of flowers...