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The Flowers!

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This was the first time visiting my site in while (about a month with spring break, visiting someone elses, looking up the history instead). 

The sun was shining and the wind seemed to be in a better mood than usual. It felt wispier compared to the harshness I felt during the week earlier. The sun gave the campus a really nice shadow and, for the first time, I  was able to notice the pond behind Rhoads. It looked like one of those lakes at a camp, but without a blob. I think the college should remove the geese , make the lake deeper, place a blob in the lake. College already feels like a camp, the blob would be a great addition.

After looking at the lake for some time, I turned around only to notice FLOWERS!! (Liz pointed out earlier in a comment that the yellow tape around the labyrinth was there to protect the flower seeds they planted. It worked!) Upon seeing them, I was overcome with a sense of excitement and relief. The grass in the labyrinth  isn't quite green yet. It still looks dead and dry. In some parts of the labyrinth, the mulch in the path was bleeding on to the grass borders, contributing to the overall dead look. But the flowers are still there, just softly peeking through the grass. They look so ready to fully sprout and take over and spread joy. I'm not even a big fan of flowers. 

This is one of the first times that I have been able to truly appreciate this space and feel a sense of "peace."  Maybe my appreciation is coming from missing this space or being away for so long. I think I tend to do that, in general.