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Fleeting Warmth

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For my "scape", I have chosen to revist the Bryn Mawr Labryinth and walk the path in and out. I still can't get over how strange the location of it is. I hope that revisiting this site each week will give me some insight into what was hoped to be achieved by placing the labyrinth where it is now.  




I returned to the labyrinth again today to find that about thirty percent of the path was cleared up of snow. The earth that was able to pierce through the gaps of snow felt firm, but firm in the same way that a fruit cake is. Like, rubber. Even though, I went to the labyrinth during the daytime, it was cloudy and gray. But there were spurting moments of blinding sunlight as the clouds separated only to return to their closed positions to restore gray skies, cold, and sadness. 

Since the snow was cleared up a little, I was actually able to succesfully get to the center of the labyrinth without cheating (but with several ankle twisting slips and trips). It was a strange sensation walking through the labyrinth because, at times, it felt like it would never end. There were times, that the path would take me so close to the center only to lead me out to the farthest point from it. It was like playing a game of hand slap, except I never got to hit the hand until it hit me first? When I only steps away from the middle, I had to take a pause and take deep sigh because the moment was finally here. I was finally in the middle of the labyrinth. I took a look around and I felt like I had just reached the peak of a mountain. Even if there was no elevation gain, I felt accomplished and like a true winner. 

When I was walking away from the labyrinth, I realized that I hadn't done much reflecting  or enhancing of my "personal and spiritual awareness" even though that seemed the be the labyrinth's purpose. But, maybe the labyrinth can just be a place for fun. I don't think I'm able to actively reflect if I'm having fun at the same time.