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Final Site Sit

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This is a magical place where I suddenly remember everything I was supposed to do. This place is where I go for rejuvenation, reflection, and solace. This place makes me want to go places, try new things and meet people.This place is amazing because it makes me smile and gives me hope and shows me that there is so much more to life and I forget how empty I felt before when I'm here. This place reminds me that I have no obligation to be the same person I was 5 minutes ago. 

I gagged as the bitter odor of manure entered my nose and as my eyes made their way over to the "New Dorm." Breathing through my mouth, I sat on the wooden bench in front of Pem Arch with my legs crossed. Behind me stood a beautiful ginkgo tree. Ginkgo Leaf extract has been used as an herbal remedy for a variety of problems such as asthma, bronchitis, fatique and tinnitus. Ginkgo seeds, however, contain large amounts of a chemical called ginkgotoxin which can cuse seizures and death. How ironic is that? I found it fascinating how a deadly seed can give life to something beautiful and beneficial. 

Our reflecions in the mirrors tell us how much time we have lived. We get older as time progresses and unfortunatey, life has an expiration date and it is not infinite like time. Our time to live is limited which makes time valuable. The value of life is determined by how one uses their time. There is one life in all of us and a lifetime to live that life. Oh man, how should I life my life? 

Owls hooted from afar on this chilly day. Sitting next to a giant wind tunnel (tunnel connecting Pem West and Pem East) made matter worse. People passed by as I reflected in my journal.

At least if I live it right, one life is enough.