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The Day After Valentines

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The walk to the center of the labyrinth was bittersweet despite the cold and the flakes of snow falling from above. I felt like I was living in two different worlds simultaneously. I was warm and cold at the same time. I felt very warm inside thinking about what happened yesterday on Valentines with my first valentine. I felt like a little girl going to Disney for the first time. I couldn’t stop smiling as I stared into the bouquet of roses in my hand. I had brought them out with me to distract me from the cold.  My face started to ache and before I knew it, I was at the center of the labyrinth. I stood in the center for a couple minutes thinking, reminiscing memories of yesterday. The cold breeze gently touched my skin and the ground beneath me pulled me close to the earth. A sweet aroma of roses entered my nose as I looked up to the sky, leaden with overcast. The sun was beginning to set in the soon to be rosy sky. My feet were burning by this time. I should had probably put on some socks. Making my way back out of the labyrinth much harder because my foot burned with every step. I felt like I was walking on a carpet of toothpicks.