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Counting steps

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12           four bees swarming

345         puffy dead leaves remain on the forest floor, decaying

6-12       running down a little slope, tripping

13-15     don't want to step on the little yellow flowers

16-20     I stepped on some flowers

21-26     step over a fallen branch

27-32     birkenstocks were not the right shoe choice

33-38     sunny spot, rays on my neck, feels good

39-45     SO MANY BEES. Why are people so afraid of bees? They mind their own business.

46-53     remember when this slope in front of me was all ice and treacherous?

54-59     now that everything's green, there's not a clear path

60-68     should have brought a sweater with me

69-74     spider web in the face, made me trip again

75-85     duckecd under a thorny branch, swatted at a gnat

86-92     bird flew above me - what was it? Wish I knew its name

93-100   in a clearing, surrounded by green and yellow and bird song

101-106 bird goes MEEEEEHHHHHGGHGHGHGHG (can't spell the sound)

107-113 trees are still very bare

113-120 phone alarm goes off, irritating, makes me step on flowers

121-130 woodpecker!

131-136 beautiful white crocus sticks up, I can hear the stream nearby

137-149 more beautiful yellow and white crocuses, I can see the stream nearby

150-160 another weird bird sound - how many different ones is that?

161-166 definitely poor choice of shoes, sinking into mud

167-169 just trying to get closer to the water to touch it

170-180 careful walking down dirty muddy slope, touch water (COLD), retreat quickly, almost tripping on slope

181-189 stepping over trash on the bank

190-200 big leaves in the path, remind me of a plant in Vietnam

201-209 found the tree swing again! Will it hold me? Ah yes. Grass is taller here


sit and absorb.

counting is tiresome.

counting slows me down and I move too fast.

swing on the branch, rest until I'm restless, abandon the counting, run back up to the house.

stepped on more flowers this time.