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Carelessly Deviating: Site Sit

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Violating our foundation

adaptive radiation.


Unexplained passivity

cracked and crinkled imagery.


Artistry from sight.

crisp, spotted edges, the spring delights.


Biologically destitute

Interlaced vains, there is no substitute.


Fingering buds, ecological succession

shadowing our suppression.


Unnoticed and unappreciated

glowing edges depreciated.


Fostering flaky semblance

Blurring their presence.


The entwining vines awakened in me

drenched in blistering light, tomorrow could not guarantee.


Growing from uncertainty

Folding rays earnestly.


Agonizing and formidable sprinkling

spined petals wrinkling.


Unconventional and often startling

the backboned bridges sparkling.


Embracing an in-between

scraped breath could not be foreseen.


Foregrounded winding interfolds

spotted reflection left uncontrolled.


Deeply rooted in the entangled flowering

flexed, armed webs, towering.


Fighting for existence

arching, bending over, begging forgiveness.


Distinction between destruction

Negligent of the functions.